AVG Internet Security Unlimited and AVG Ultimate Review

By | April 18, 2017

There are several things to look out for when purchasing an antivirus software for your computer. With about 100 known malware threats today and more being discovered every day and even hundreds of anti-malware choices available make choosing which one to buy a bit challenging.

Some of the key and important features and functions of a good antivirus should consist the following:

  • Real-time, On-access, and On-Demand Scanner
  • Automatic Virus Updates and Automatic Program Updates
  • Heuristic Scanner to identify new threats before they are created
  • Compressed File Scanner
  • Scheduled Scans
  • POP3 Email Scanning, Script Blocking, Webmail, and Instant Messaging Protection

Here is an example of two different versions of related Antiviruses but with different functionalities and applications.


AVG Internet Security Unlimited

Although this is a good antivirus and has worked for home users, AVG unlimited is a software protection that can only be used on one computer. Using scheduled whole computer scans, it still does an excellent job when it comes to advanced scanning of your computer and the devices connected to it.

It has other great features such as a Software analyzer that protect your computer from suspicious threats such as malicious programs or key loggers that secure your passwords and hack your personal details like your bank account.

Other features of AVG Unlimited are Real-Time Outbreak Detector that protects the computer from the newest malware encounter by uploading it directly to ThreatLabs for analysis.

PUA Scanner scans malicious applications that have been unknowingly downloaded.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence detects malwares that haven’t yet been catalogued by ThreatLabs.


AVG Ultimate

This Antivirus, like its name, is an advanced all in one computer security software because it can be installed on multiple PCs, Mac, Android hardware, and devices, which are connected to one AVG Zen Network which acts as a central dashboard where you can remotely access and manage your devices’ performance and protection.

Its main and most important feature is an AVG performance tool that does a thorough tune-up and cleaning job of your computer and android devices, such as controlling your start-up programs, finds and removes duplicate junk files, defragmenting registry files, defragging the hard drive, and extending battery life

The AVG Antivirus Protector detects and blocks from the smallest to the largest known malware. The Antiphishing Firewall blocks malicious programs that aim to steal data, such as Trojan, to infiltrate your computer. The browsing protection detects and prevents access from fraudulent sites and blacklists them. This malware scanner has been rated the best and the fastest antivirus product in the market today.

With the AVG Zero-Day Protection feature, you can use the camera to locate, identify and take a snapshot of a data thief. This feature allows you to automatically wipe and lock a duplicated SIM. Its Data Safe Software can also recover lost passwords and encrypts your files and folders with 256 bit AES coding that only you can read.


In a nutshell, for a solid online shield and an enhanced firewall, AVG antivirus is one to consider. Check it out by clicking here.