AVG Internet Security 2016

By | October 12, 2016



AVG is best known for its very performant free antivirus. This year again, their antivirus is of high quality and is a great option for those who are just looking for a basic protection. Nevertheless, for optimum protection against all threats, it is advisable and even necessary to upgrade to the paid version of AVG.


Since 2006, in order to create a complete security solution, AVG Technology has added to its antivirus, an anti-spyware, a link scanner, a secure search engine, a firewall, protection against identity theft and many other technologies.

AVG Internet Security 2016 is a complete security solution that goes beyond basic security. AVG realized that the majority of users went for the free protection and to remedy this problem the company has decided to enhance their additional features to attract users to the paid versions of their software.


In order to satisfy the paying customers, AVG provides them with tools that are not included in the free version such as Facebook protection tool, reports on the reputation of websites, a tool to fight against harassment to protect children, a YouTube video accelerator and even more frequent updates and 24/7 support.


AVG Internet Security 2016 has rather good standing in regards to real-time protection and malware detection. It ranks among the best according to independent testing laboratories. The resource usage for AVG is quite low indeed when the software is functioning normally, it uses only 1% CPU and 52% memory. During a Manual Scan, 47% CPU and 82% memory used.

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