Avast antivirus Pro 2016

By | September 15, 2016



Avast is best known for its free antivirus, but the paid version is really necessary if you want to be really protected against multiple attacks from hackers. Avast Antivirus Pro is powerful in most areas but needs improvements in the antiphishing area which by the way is not included.


Avast Pro uses multiple layers of protection to safeguard your PC and resources from attack. In addition to an integrated protection against spyware, rootkits and trojans , the software is equipped to address all significant security threats. The application includes protection against the spread of malware via email (by quickly analyzing incoming and outgoing messages). Avast Antivirus Pro also includes specific protection for users of P2P software.


Performances :


Certified by VB Bulletin, AV Comparatives, AV-Test, West Coast Labs and ICSA Labs, Avast Pro also has a heuristic analyzer that can proactively detect threats that might pass through a basic scan. Even though some files might seem safe, the heuristic analyzer can detect a potentially malicious behavior and stop the threat before it creates any damage to your computer.


Through a combination of features, tools and technologies, Avast Pro is fully equipped to protect your computer. It is capable of protecting your files and personal information by keeping any intruders at bay. The safety application is equipped to locate and remove existing threats, but also and especially to detect and remove all the latest threats. Avast has one of the best scanning engines available on the market and it uses very few resources, so your computer retains its full capacity for everyday tasks. The intelligent scanner significantly reduces the time scans take by only scanning files that have changed, and so you do not waste time in reparsing safe files that have not changed.

Also the updates are very regular and quick.

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